Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Workshop with Gwen!

Last month on the 18th September we had another brilliant workshop on miniatures with Gwen Cottis.  We were shown the most detailed samples and told that miniature quilts are those that if you saw a photo with nothing to give a hint at the scale, you would think they were full standard sized quilts.
Getting the crisp points on such tiny pieces involves Foundation Paper Piecing and Gwen talked us through her method, brought books to show us for inspiration and gave recommendations for our own bookshelf.
We started with trees and leaves as our practice pieces and we were given an amazingly detailed folder outlining the steps, pre-printed templates on foundation paper and layouts for three different mini quilt layouts.
 You would think an Autumn workshop would have us reaching for the golds and browns and reds and greens as in Gwen's beautiful mini but quite a few of us were drawn to the umbrellas!  That's Limerick weather for you!
It was a busy day and the time just flew but we all had little finishes we proudly shared when the 2.5" square mini blocks were all squared up and looking so crisp and cute!
Imelda tackled the Hunters star and completed this lovely piece on the day!
At the end of the day most people had 4 little minis and we laid them all out to admire each others work.
 Here they are in their teeny tiny glory...
Didn't we do well?

Thank you Gwen for such a wonderful workshop!

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