Monday, 21 September 2009

Meeting 11th September 2009

Meg as the new Mid-Western IPS branch chairperson gave very warm welcome to everyone after the summer break. Meg als0 thanked the outgoing committee members; Gwen Cottiss, Claire Lynch,and Cecelia O’Doherty as well as welcoming the present committee members; Grania Preston, Holly Hogan, Maria Hibbard, Paula Rafferty, Lynda Broderick, Rachel Banting, Anita Mahon, Alison Bingham, Fran O’Donahue and Meg Kenny. Claire Lynch is our newly appointed national editorial rep.

- (apologies I have embarrassingly lost my notes, anyone who would like to add to these very short descriptions please let me know)

Tracy Watson and her much envied bag.

Tracy also completed this child's quilt during the summer inspired by the mermaid panel.

Gillian explaining the 'Hebrides' fabric on her quilt

Anita Mahon with her two quilts with similar fabric but different piecing techniques, the one on the right having frayed edging.

Claire Lynch and 2 quilts made over the summer.

A detail of Meg Kenny's celebration banner.

Gillian McGuiness demonstrating some of the stretching techniques that she explained can help to prevent the aches and pains that sitting in one position for a long time can induce.
Gillian was most helpful in demonstrating the correct way to sit, ensuring that you regularly move about and take rests and practise the stretches that release the tension. Gillian showed us (and made us practise) holding the stretches for longer than we normally would to help the muscles relax.

After the talk Gillan gave neck and back massages and was available for booking the full massage the next day.

Thanks to Maeve Meany for bringing her shop with her to this meeting.