Sunday, 11 June 2017

Four Winds Textile Group at the June Meeting

We were very lucky to have four members of the Four Winds Textile group visit our meeting on Friday, June 9.   They are a group of quilters from Cork with over 25 years together, and many amazing examples of group quilting endeavors.   They brought their quilts from an exhibition that they worked on in 2011 inspired by Gee's Bend Quilts.   Not only did they use the patterns, but they also made the quilts themselves with fabrics that they already owned, whether from clothes or fabric their stashes.   The quilts were amazingly diverse and colorful.

This quilt above was made with men's shirts based on a Gee's Bend design

The Four Winds Quilters also brought some of their own pieces, we especially enjoyed seeing some of their group efforts like this group piece done in rounds:

There was a special interest in a playful quilt with lots of "fairy doors."   Anne spent some time explaining her methodology on this quilt.

Here is one of their latest collaborations where each quilter did a separate piece with a different color, but the same style and fabrics.  It's quite modern and the textures are amazing.

My personal favorite was the Quilt Tree.   It's a piece that was done years ago and it is a tree that continues to grow, new scraps are added with each new quilt made.

Thank you to the Four Winds Textile Group for visiting our meeting.  You are all an inspiration!