Friday, 12 January 2018

December Meeting recap!

Thank you everyone who attended our December meeting. We had our annual Christmas party with lots of savoury and sweet dishes and a very festive show and tell!
A fabulous Don't lose your mittens quilt by Caroline and even Christmas presents made for oneself by Alison!
Looking great Alison, you were them well!
Gerardine's Group Quilt made with Modern Irish Bee 2017, featured one block made by each person int he group and designed, assembled and quilted by Ger.  Perfect for a Christmas finish.
And you can't get more Christmassy than this fabulous quilt by Emer with gingerbread men, presents, fairly lights and a truck carrying the Christmas tree home.
Love the back and the Snowman label!
Claire's exploration of the Dresden plate gave us a beautiful wreath quilt.
Karen shared a variety of smaller festive makes, and prompted lots of ideas of what you can do with fabric for Christmas.  Love the penguin!

Imelda's Santa Claus passing by the window, a brilliant way to use a panel in a quilt.
Suzanne's festive Bee Quilt with each member of the Bee making 2 quilt blocks, anything they liked as long as they used the green/gold fabric in the block somewhere.  A great challenge and a lovely result!
Maureen's beautiful felt bag.
And her amazing applique quilt. 
Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us in December,

See you all at our meeting tonight!