Friday, 13 February 2015

Branch Meeting Tonight (Friday 13th)

Our patchwork meeting will take place tonight (Friday 13th). 

Demo's start at 7.30

The guest speaker tonight is Ray Moore  (Eastern Branch) and he will show some beautiful quilts during his talk and slide show. Our shop on the night will be Patchwork Plus from Cork. 

Please remember to return your library books and as always bring your show and tell.

Those of you who attend the Villiers Sewing Nights on Wednesdays, please note that there will no sewing night on Wednesday 18th due to mid-term break.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Southern Branch Details

The Southern Branch of the Irish Patchwork Society have recently set up a new Facebook and website.
Their website is located at:
Facebook page:

The Southern Branch of the Irish Patchwork Society meet the 2nd Saturday of every month (except July and August) in the Hall of the Sacred Heart Church, Western Road, Cork from 10:00 till 12:30.

Their next meeting is on Saturday 14th February where Moya from Patchwork Plus will be the guest speaker.
Bring your hand stitching kit if you want to start your project at the meeting.
The Southern Branch will also be debuting their 2015 Block of the Month at this meeting.

Fabric Squares Swap

Fabric Square Swap:

Back at the October meeting, speaker Ann O'Rafferty mentioned how she had taken part in a fabric squares swap. After hearing about the swap, a number of branch members expressed interest in doing something similar.
This swap will be a great way to get variety in your squares for making

Full details about how the swap will be explained at Friday's meeting.  There will be a sign-up sheet for anyone who's interested in joining this swap.

Thanks to Ruth for drawing up the instructions for us all.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Incubator Quilts

At our January meeting, Theresa Riordan spoke about making incubator quilts for the Maternity Hospital in Limerick.
Theresa and Liz Stanley have made a number of incubator quilts following the size requirements as set out by the hospital.

Incubator quilts are quilted covers that go over the incubator to decrease environmental stimuli--i.e., light and noise. Use dark fabric next to the plexiglass to optimize the darkening effect. They have flaps to lift up and check on the baby. At about 33 wks, start leaving the flaps are left up so that the premature babies can get exposed to some light and develop their eyesight.

Incubator quilts help to brighten up the incubators and also help the babies get some sleep. Although the bottom of the quilt should be subdued the top doesn't have to be. Note that these quilts remain at the hospital so they should be able to withstand frequent washing.

Theresa used 4oz wadding for her quilt.
Cut out two pieces of fabric 45" x 52". Place one piece of fabric onto the wadding, then place the other fabric on top (right sides together).
Cut out a flap section as indicated in the diagram (approx. 14" wide and 13" in height).
The sew around the quilt leaving a small gap unsewed. Turn the quilt right sides out using the gap you left, and slip-stitch the opening closed.

If anyone has any queries about making these quilts, please contact Theresa Riordan for more details. 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Motions passed at the last National AGM in October 2014

Irish Patchwork Society

Motions passed at AGM 18th October 2014. 13 motions were sent for discussion at the AGM, 6 motions were passed at the meeting.
These motions will not take affect until the IPS National AGM 2015.

Passed AGM motions:
Recommend that Article 9 of the Memberships Section of the Constitution be changed and updated. At present it states “every member shall be eligible to be a member of the Executive Committee”. Recommend that it be changed to “every member shall be eligible to be a member of the Executive Committee, once they have held continuous membership of the IPS for a minimum period of two years immediately prior to the AGM, and have served on the committee of a local IPS branch”.

I propose that that the section in the constitution dealing with the different categories of membership be amended. Our proposal is that under the heading Membership, we eliminate family membership i.e. we remove:
Family membership to include 1 adult and up to 5 children and subscription to be 1+ times ordinary and junior membership”.
This category of membership (i.e. family membership) can be addressed under ordinary and junior membership as already set out. The family category of membership as it currently stands, appears too broad in my view and has caused confusion.

It is proposed that the Irish Patchwork Society donate their archives to the National Irish Visual Arts Library and appoint an archivist who will continue to submit material to these archives to keep them up to date.

Recommend that a full list of all passed motions and bye-laws for the past 12 years be listed out and information given to all IPS members. This list shall be kept in place until the constitution is updated with all passed motions etc.

It is proposed that the IPS regularly fund a textile conservation project.

Recommend that the IPS set up an Anti-Bullying Policy/Code of Conduct for members.