Saturday, 11 May 2013

May Meeting

The May meeting was the Mid-West branches AGM.

A lot of people go AWOL at the mention of the word AGM, and last night was no exception - there was a very small turn-out at the meeting.

Most of the committee were stepping down last night at they had done their two years. The only member who is staying on is Caroline Brouder (Executive Committee Representative).

Valerie Shortt and Kathleen Cleary Brennan were voted onto the committee.

If any other Mid-West members would like to go on the committee, please contact a committee member or attend the June meeting.

Clew Bay Quilting were our shop on the night. Unfortunately the owner of the shop recently had a house fire, and a lot of her stock was destroyed. So there was a fire sale last night, with very reduced prices on fabrics and supplies.

There was a variety of show and tell on the night.

Nora O'Connor showed her round robin quilt.

Deirdre has completed her round robin quilt top.

Grania Preston showed her round robin piece. This was done as part of a free-form round robin project with Claire Lynch and Paula Rafferty, based on the theme of graffiti. Claire and Paula's quilts had already gone up to Galway in advance of the International Quilt Festival of Ireland (IQFOI). All 3 of these quilts will be on display at the IQFOI in the Graffiti and Tattoo Category.

Phyl's niece Mary brought this bag for show and tell.

Kathleen Cleary Brennan brought in this lovely landscape piece of Mount Errigal that she is currently working on. 

 Claire Lynch brought in her Pastel memories quilt made from flannel fabrics.

Valerie Shortt showed this lovely red modern quilt hanging.

This lovely crazy-patchwork quilt top was made by a new member.

April Meeting

Mary Palmer was our guest speaker at the April meeting. For the 1st part of her talk Mary gave a slideshow about her quilts and where she gets her inspiration from.

Then she moved on to a show and tell of some of her quilts, Mary brought loads of quilts starting with some antique quilts that were in her childhood home.

This was a very well attended meeting, as everyone knew that it was going to be a great talk with Mary as the guest speaker.

Cathedral Windows quilt

Sampler quilt by Mary

There was show and tell on the night as well. This quilt top was made by Chris Palmer, the pattern for the quit is in the 1st Jelly Roll book by Pam and Nicky Lintott.

This quilt by Liz Scalon was started at the Edwina Mackinnon workshop back in February.
Quilt by Liz Scallon

Phyl Awylward made a bag big enough to fit her quilting mat and rulers to bring to workshops.
Bag by Phyl Awylward

 Marcella Maloney showed this quilt that she made along with some schoolchildren that she teaches.