Thursday, 4 November 2010

October Meeting

Meg with the first completed panel for the High Plains Quilters. Volunteers took away the other 5 panels to be completed for the November meeting with the first quilt to be ready for December for a charity auction. An evening's sewing bee should see each panel completed in time. Thanks to the volunteers for donating thier time and we look forwards to seeing the completed panels and quilt.

October's meeting had an array of quilts for show and tell.

Loretta and Meg gave an interesting talk about designing quilts for the ‘Branching Out’ exhibition. They explained how to take a thought about what could be a design and transfer it through paper and enlarge to make either a contemporary or traditional quilt for this exhibition. With 2 upcoming workshops to extend these design concepts into quilting the hope is that the branch will have a few quilts for the exhibition.

Tracey Watson was the winner of the challenge this month with a ‘witch ornament’ which she hasn't taken a photo of but was wonderful rg doll. Those shown are Chris's picture and Rachel's table runner.

The workshop was by Moya Goherty on how to produce a quilt top in a day using 9 fat quarters. A fun day out.