Monday, 13 November 2017

November Branch Meeting

We held our Mid-West branch meeting on Friday, November 10.   We had three Christmas demonstrations on the night led by Kate Hennessy, Suzanne Pass, and Kate O'Donoghue.   The demos are to prepare us for our Christmas "Wrapped" challenge where we are to bring in a small Christmas item for the Christmas party on December 1.   We'll also be having a pot luck for food and a wrapped fat quarter gift exchange.   The Christmas season has begun!

The main order of business was to announce that Frances Shanahan stepped down as our branch Chairperson.   Suzanne Pass stepped up as temporary chairperson and asked if anyone new would be willing to come onto committee.   Suzanne thanked everyone for their support over the past few weeks.  Imelda O'Grady kindly stepped up onto the Committee, and after the meeting, Kate Hennessy agreed to cover the editorial role that Suzanne had previously covered.   Suzanne Pass has officially agreed to step up as Chairperson.

Mary Murphy came up to Show and Tell early and shared the story behind her Aurora piece, that is a yellow tent in the foreground. 

Loretta O'Brien showed her "Touch of Red" EQA piece from a few years ago.   We discussed the current EQA Challenge of "Boundaries."    Loretta also gave a moving talk about Helen Hardesty, a founding member of the Irish Patchwork Society who passed away recently.

Liz Stanley brought some gold work that she did recently, a quite unusual piece.  She also had with her a beautiful bag that she cleverly used a man's shirt for the lining!

Kate Hennessy, who is also the hero of the day for doing a demo and stepping up into the editorial role, showed a beautiful baby quilt.   She started this before the baby was born, not knowing whether the baby was a boy or girl.   It's perfect for either! 

We have a wonderful group and we're now set to continue with a strong committee set for the coming two years.