Monday, 16 March 2015

EQA Diversity in Europe

European Quilt Association: Diversity in Europe EQA Gallery at FOQ 2015.
With Quilters’ Guilds across Europe represented, the Diversity In Europe gallery is an opportunity to see some of the outstanding work of artists from 17 different countries. Each country can only select one piece to represent their country, so it is always an interesting and stunning example of quilt making at its finest. 

The Irish Patchwork Society are currently looking for IPS members to submit photographs of their work for consideration as the Irish entry for this year's gallery.

Size of quilt:
Maximum height 2.5m - maximum width 2.5m
Minimum height 1m - minimum width 1m
Maximum perimeter (all the way around the quilt) 9 metres
Minimum perimeter (all the way around the quilt) 4 metres

All quilt must have a 10cm (4inch) hanging sleeve (with extra fullness to accomodate the rod) sewn 1cm below the top of the quilt and stopping 2cm from each side.

All quilts must include the following information at the bottom of the quilt, either on a fabric label securely attached to the back of the quilt or written directly onto the back of the quilt - owner's name and full postal address (including country), Name of the quilt. 

All quilts must have a Quilt makers statement.

Please email a good quality photograph to the International Representative (Loretta O'Brien) by 31st May 2015.

The quilt will be chosen by the Executive Committee.