Friday, 24 October 2014

October Branch Meeting

Our October meeting at the Baptist Church was a really enjoyable one. We were as usual, updated with all the most recent and relevant information on forthcoming local, national events, matters regarding our constitution and the upcoming AGM.  
Suzanne Pass had three items to display. A beautiful multi-coloured large patchwork bag, her Halloween panel that she machined quilted and her “Do Not Touch” piece for entry at the AGM. This was of a rose she photographed while on holiday in Dingle, Co. Kerry and then transferred it to a beautiful eye-catching pink material with exact mitred corners. It was quite a talking point for many of the attendees.  We wished her well for the AGM.

Ruth Bourke is a very modest person who produces a prolific amount of excellent patch work. Her lap quilt was a beautiful multi-coloured piece of work and the quilt that she made for her Mum was just as exquisite. It was made from a “Layered Cake” bundle of floral, rustic, black and cream materials with exact and precision sewing.  However, the most striking feature was her use of a panel incorporated into the back of the quilt which she acquired from The Limerick Quilt Centre. It is aspects of quilts like these that make the rest of us open our minds to the use of such panels that we would otherwise not consider buying.  
Five cushions were displayed by Tracy Watson. Again, Tracy is a member who imparts her knowledge and her expertise in a very helpful and friendly manner. This approach helps in no small way to make our nights/meetings the enjoyable events they are.
The obvious friendship between Áine Bennis and Isabel Cagney was very apparent as they proudly displayed their wares. Áine held her beautiful animal nine patch quilt and bag aloft for all to see.  Her combination of red, cream and green materials were well chosen for the quilt and cleverly incorporated the letters of her name into some of the squares. Isabel I believe, could see her name in lights as a famous model someday as she proudly displayed her lovely pink and grey apron.

Our guest speaker.
A symphony of colour is my only way to describe the quilts that Ann O’Rafferty displayed on the night. Her work, from her very first quilt, which she displayed with slight reservation, to her beautiful Baltimore Quilt brought to my mind the book “American Quilt Classics” by Patricia Cox. A quotation from same says “A collection of quilts such as these is a personal thing, it reflects, various aspects of its collector, and among them her interests”. Ann’s collection displayed all of the above. Many of our members nation-wide, have in their possession wonderful collections of quilts, which hopefully will be documented in the on-going archival procedure now taking place. The Midwestern Branch were very impressed with Ann’s overall presentation and would encourage other branches to avail of her as a guest speaker as she held us spell-bound throughout the night.
“Seams Sew Simple” was our shop on the night. The committee would like to thank Lynn for a wonderful assortment of materials and patchwork accessories to help our members with their projects.

At Villiers School we appeared from the fog,
To a workshop on Applique the “old fashioned way”,
With instructions, materials and sharp scissors to boot,
We marched to the class-room our teacher to salute.

After meeting and greeting we all took our seats,
Tried not to look anxious as we shuffled our feet,
We hoped we brought everything required for the day,
Reassured by our neighbour not to worry that way.

We all know intricate applique designs,
Ann told us not to worry this piece was not so inclined,
Our pattern was transferred to freezer paper you see,
She told us to dissect it but not A, B and C.

We transferred our design to our material of choice,
And with skilful tuition she made it easy and nice,
Ann glided amongst us to guide us with ease,
Our problems sometimes unusual were solved like a breeze.

This workshop by Ann was appreciated by all
And some to applique were definitely called,
And with child-like enthusiasm we left her that day,
Our quilts and our cushions we will someday display.

Alice Quaid  P.R.O.  Mid West Branch

International Rep and DCoI Rep Applications

Mary Hunter (DCoI Rep) and Loretta O'Brien (International Rep) will have served 5 years on the Executive Committee next year. To ensure an uninterrupted continuation of these representative positions, the IPS are now looking for people who would be interested in volunteering to fill these vacancies.

Applications are invited from members who would like to be considered for the posts below:

International Rep (Job description):
Rep. will represent the IPS at the European Quilt Association (EQA) AGM in Birmingham.
Liaise with the other countries in the EQA.
Write a regular report for the newsletter.
Help to promote quilting throughout Europe........(any decisions should go through the Executive Committee)
The Rep. will have the responsibility of organising occasional invited exhibitions, and the annual EQA stand at the Festival of Quilts.
Languages not a necessity.
Some computer skills required.
People skills required and have ability to work with a team.
Applicants should have over 3 years membership of the IPS and should have served on an IPS committee to gain experience and knowledge needed for the post.

Design and Crafts Council (DCoI) Rep (job description):

Attend the AGM and other meetings of the Design & Crafts Council
Attend the AGM and other meetings of GANS
Liaise with the DCoI regarding grants and education
Keep IPS members informed of activities of the Design & Crafts Council by an occasional article in the newsletter.

Friday, 10 October 2014

September Meeting

Our September meeting was the first one after our summer break, so there was lots of chatting and catching up with friends on the night. Members were obviously very busy on the night, as we had lots and lots of show and tell.

Roisin McManus brought her shop "The Quilt Shop Tuam" on the night.

There was so much show and tell, that there was no time for the planned demo's.

Show and tell:

Here's Alison Bingham with her quilt

Chairperson Cecilia O'Doherty with her Christmas quilt.

Cecilia showing this lovely quilt made by her daughter.

Claire Lynch showing a baby quilt.

Ger Larkin's daughter showing a cushion that she has made.

Heart quilt.

Quilt made by Katherine.

A green quilt made by Katherine.

Here's a great quilt made by Liz Scallon which she said was a headwreck to make due to the planning involved in sewing the pieces together.

Marcella Maloney with this quilt she made for her husband out of some of her son's baby clothing.

This was a fantastic quilt made Kate Hennessy. 

Suzanne Pass showing a strippy quilt she made over the summer.

Imelda O'Grady showing a quilt she has recently made.