Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Incubator Quilts

At our January meeting, Theresa Riordan spoke about making incubator quilts for the Maternity Hospital in Limerick.
Theresa and Liz Stanley have made a number of incubator quilts following the size requirements as set out by the hospital.

Incubator quilts are quilted covers that go over the incubator to decrease environmental stimuli--i.e., light and noise. Use dark fabric next to the plexiglass to optimize the darkening effect. They have flaps to lift up and check on the baby. At about 33 wks, start leaving the flaps are left up so that the premature babies can get exposed to some light and develop their eyesight.

Incubator quilts help to brighten up the incubators and also help the babies get some sleep. Although the bottom of the quilt should be subdued the top doesn't have to be. Note that these quilts remain at the hospital so they should be able to withstand frequent washing.

Theresa used 4oz wadding for her quilt.
Cut out two pieces of fabric 45" x 52". Place one piece of fabric onto the wadding, then place the other fabric on top (right sides together).
Cut out a flap section as indicated in the diagram (approx. 14" wide and 13" in height).
The sew around the quilt leaving a small gap unsewed. Turn the quilt right sides out using the gap you left, and slip-stitch the opening closed.

If anyone has any queries about making these quilts, please contact Theresa Riordan for more details. 

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