Tuesday, 25 October 2016

October meeting recap

We were delighted to have Ester Kiely from the Western Branch as our guest speaker for our October meeting. Ester spoke to us about why you would want to keep a sketchbook. It was lovely to see Ester's work and how she uses sketchbooks and journals to prompt ideas and working out the design for a quilt. We all had a good look through the journals and were encouraged to start one of our own.

Thanks also to Rags for Linda who were our shop on the night and to Ruth and Suzanne for demonstrating the one hour basket (our Christmas challenge) and how to make Morsbags.  Suzanne went to a lot of work making bag kits for everyone and it was brilliant!

We handed out our pin cushions swapped with the South Midlands branch at the AGM and they were much admired!  Thank you to all in Kilkenny who made for us! 

The following day some of our members attended a workshop with Ester on starting a sketchbook and thanks to Suzanne again for the photos!

As always Show and Tell was plentiful and here are some of the quilts and quilt tops shared at our meeting! See you on November 4th for our next meeting (not the 11th as the Rugby is on!)

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