Thursday, 7 April 2016

March meeting & workshop photos!

Last month we welcomed Arlene Shawcross to our branch for a talk and a workshop.  We were treated to delicate works of free machine embroidery.  Using a soluble base Arlene is able to make very intricate pieces that she quite often turns into clothing.  Thank you Arlene for sharing your work with us!
 Thank you also to our volunteers and shop on the night!
Our extensive library looked after by Kate and Imelda

Frances and Kate for helping with teas and coffees!

Sew Crafty Fabrics our shop on the night!
Our workshop involved a piece of art created using organza and blending thread and fabrics to reflect a line or image from a piece of poetry or a story.  We all had fun reading things into the shapes and colours.   Arlene's piece that she used to demonstrate her method was based on the image of a woman in a red dress lying on the green grass on a bright sunny day!
This was our show and tell table at the end of the day and it was filled with beautiful colour and texture!
I loved this detail in Louise's piece.  We were all very generous with each other and swapped organza bits.  Louise used some of the selvedge of a piece of yellow I had to make Daffodils and then added some bling!  A lovely touch to her art piece.

These are some of the examples of Arlene's work shared with us on the day!

And the other things I found really pretty were the baskets of thread that Arlene had brought to sell.  I am totally drawn to the warm colours and did have a case of thread envy when I saw Tracey's collection shown on the bottom right.  One day, maybe!
More photos on our Flickr page here

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