Saturday, 9 January 2016

Requirements list for Tomomi's workshop in February

Free motion quilting workshop

Aims and objective:
To learn how to set up sewing machine and sewing environment to do free motion quilting easily.
To learn how to free motion quilt the basic shapes and create other shapes and motifs from that.
Will make a whole cloth quilt for a cushion cover of 16” or 18”.

Each participants needs:

Own sewing machine with a free-motion, embroidery or darning foot.
Extension table for the machine if available.
If the extension table is going to be used, have a sheet of Supreme slider or heavy duty silicone oven sheet from ALDI.
A practice quilt sandwich; Fat quarter size, made of any fabric
A cushion cover quilt sandwich; 20” for 18” finished, 18” for 16” finished, preferably solid colour to show the quilting.
Good quality threads, for the practice, different coloured thread from the fabric to see quilting better and matching coloured thread would be a better choice for the cushion cover.
Please use low loft wadding.
A pen and some paper for drawing.
Some wrist size elastic band.
Water or air soluble marker.
A pair of quilting gloves or any gloves with non slip dots(optional).

Do clean and oil your sewing machine and balance the thread tension prior to the workshop. Not a single lint left in the bobbin area!
Insert a new needle which should be quilting, top stitch or jeans needle and size 80 for 50wt thread and bigger for heavier thread
Do read or bring the manual of machine, if you don't know which dial does what.
Wind at least two bobbins for practice and two for cushion cover with same thread as top.

Extension power supplies might be needed.
Wear comfortable shoes or no shoes

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