Thursday, 7 January 2016

Morning all! Just thought I'd share some photos and let you know where online our photo archive is. Every month I upload the photos I've been taking at our meetings to our Flickr account Midwest Patchwork. 

Flickr is a photo sharing site owned by Yahoo. You have to have a Yahoo account to log into Flickr. It's free and very easy to set up. Flickr offers a limited storage amount for free users but there are paid options too for more storage and you don't get bombarded with ads. If you pay about 25 dollars a year you get unlimited storage and a Pro after your name!

You can follow people on Flickr similar to Facebook and when you first log in you will see a stream of people's photos that you follow. Commenting and hearts to mark a photo as a favourite are all available and you can send emails to people you follow using Flickrmail.

Flickr used to be a very popular place to share quilt photos and join quilt groups to share work in progress and finishes as part of a quilt a long online or share a project made from a pattern or a technique with the designer. As Instagram and Facebook have become more popular amongst quilters, Flickr is not the go to place anymore but it is still worth a look and very handy for storing images online.

Every month I upload the photos from our meetings and last month started adding them to our Facebook group as well. If you want to see photos of past meetings and exhibitions we have taken part in please visit our group page here!

For now here are some images from our Christmas party at last Decembers meeting!

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