Monday, 21 October 2013

October Meeting

The October meeting was fun evening, with a great turn-out on the night. There was a great array of quilts for show and tell.

Some of the quilts on display at the Oct. meeting

 Caroline Brouder and her friend (sorry have forgotten her name) are sewing together and producing lots of lovely work.

 Caroline with a quilt created from upholstery samples.

Marella Maloney with her quilt created using Edwina Mackinnon's "Cut and Come Again" technique. Looks great framed with the black fabric, it really pops the colours!

Another lovely quilt from Marella.

Liz Scallon with a beautiful butterfly cushion.

Here's a new branch member Breda O'Connor with her sewing machine cover. 

Gillian Sheehan brought in a number of items for show and tell. First she made this lovely lap-top bag using batik fabrics.

Here's a cushion created by Gillian.
Quilt by Gillian Sheehan

Meg Kenny showed this art work she created as a commission for a client. 

Chris and Rebecca Palmer are teaching a sampler quilt class, they're both making a quilt in a different colour-way. Here's Chris's version.
Chris Pamer

The guest speaker at our October meeting was Madeline Jordan from the Western Branch.

Madeline gave a fantastic talk, in fact she was one of the most entertaning speakers we've ever had! She spoke about how she got started in quilting, her projects throughout the years etc. Madeline is a like a human dynamo,and has produced loads of quilting projects throughout the years. Everyone was amazed with her productivity!
Madeline with her Cu na Mara quilt
 Madeline showed this lovely quilt which is based on the Cross of Cong and explained about the research that had gone into creating it.
Madeline's quilt based on the Cong Cross

Here's Madeline and her daughter-in-law showing a wall-hanging.

Rags for Linda was the guest shop on the night.

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