Friday, 16 October 2009

Lynn Kenny Workshop

After giving the guest lecture at the October meeting, Lynn Kenny also gave a workshop the next day on stitching with paper and paint.

At the start of the workshop Lynn prepared some background pieces for people to work on by applying coloured tissue paper to magazine pages. In order to get the pieces dry enough to start stitching on, some heat was needed - hence the use of the hairdryers in the picture below!

Once the backgrounds were ready, Lynn showed how she stitches her pieces by transferring her designs onto greaseproof paper.

After this, everyone spent some time choosing and tracing their designs, before getting starting on the stitching.

Once the stitching was done, Lynn showed how paint can be added to enchance the design. She also showed how to apply fabric to create the designs using her method.

This was a very enjoyable workshop, and everyone made a few samples on the day. This is the kind of workshop which provided a very useful method of creating applique pictures and one that I'm sure will be put to good use in the future by the workshop participants.

Samples made by Claire Lynch:

Sample made by Nora O'Connor:

Sample made by Rebecca Palmer:

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