Sunday, 4 October 2009


The IPS AGM took place on the 3rd October at the Manor West Hotel, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

On display at the AGM was the Hungarian-Irish Quilt made with appliqued flowers. A number of the flowers were made by Mid-West Branch members. The quilt took a lot of work to make but looked amazing now that its finished! This quilt (along with it's Hungarian compatriot) will be on display in Hungary next month as part of the celebrations for the Hungarian Patchwork Society's 20th Anniversary. See below for a close-up picture of the appliqued flowers.

Meg Kenny's Chakra quilt was also on display at the AGM.

Gillian Killick entered the "Rose Window" themed competition and was highly commended by the judge (guest speaker Yvonne Brown).

Yvonne Brown (from the UK) gave the lecture after lunch - and after all the official AGM business was over and done with. Yvonne gave a slide show of her work and explained how she got interested in sewing & quilting. Yvonne also sent around the audience samples & quilts so that everyone could see close-up how work is created.


stace said...

can we see larger images please!

stace said...

can we see larger images please!

Claire said...

Tiny photos deleted - don't known why that happened! Now trying to get larger photos updated but a v. slow internet connection isnt helping.