Thursday, 10 January 2008

Log Cabin

The January meeting is going to be a seminar on log cabin patchwork.
The Log Cabin quilt pattern has been a long standing favorite over the years because it is simple to make, is very versatile and can be made by beginner quilters.
Traditionally, in many of the old quilts the center square was red, which was to symbolize the hearth of the home. The overall effect of the log cabin quilt is achieved by the use of light and dark fabrics and how they are arranged.

One very good book on the subject is "The Ultimate Log Cabin Quilt Book" by Patrica Cox and Maggi McCormack Gordon (2004) .

There are thousands of links relating to log cabin patchwork on the internet. Just type "log cabin patchwork" into and see how many hits you get! A few related links are:

Kirstin la Flamme has instructions on how to make a table runner using log cabin piecing.

This link shows how to piece a log cabin block:
This website gives a little animated sequence on how to piece a log cabin block.

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