Tuesday, 8 January 2008

January Challenge - Cushion Cover

The January challenge is to make a cushion cover. The cushions to be used in the challenge were given out at the December meeting.
Don't forget to bring your masterpieces with you on Friday night....


Anonymous said...

You state that the cushions for this competition were given out in December.They were.Why then were other sized cushions accepted and indeed why did one such win?
Who decided on the prize which cost €40?

Claire said...

Because there was a low turn-out at the December Christmas meeting, it was decided to let all cushion sizes be entered, as people would not have been aware of the size limitation.
I personally don't know what the prize on the night.
All suggestions gratefully recived, but unfortunately because you didnt put your name down we can't respond to your query directly.

Claire said...

To the anonymous commenter of the 13/01/08, you may want to get your facts right in relation to the cost of the prize at the January meeting. The prize was in fact purchased for €20, not €40.