Sunday, 8 October 2017

AGM 2017 in Cork, October 7

The AGM for the Irish Patchwork Society took place in Cork at the beautiful Kingsley hotel, and it was a lovely relaxed day.   We arrived to tea and coffee along with the most delicious little biscuits, and had plenty of time to wander around to shop and visit before the meeting commenced at 11:00.   Many members of the Mid-West branch attended.  It was also terrific to be able to connect some new faces with names from the many exhibitions.   We gathered our Mid-West members for a photo:

Ruth Bourke ran the meeting with style and grace.  There is a lot of work being done by the committee, the most largest new piece of work is getting our organization set up to be recognized as a charity.   This will allow us a different status and recognition as a group that provides education of the arts.   We have a lot going on in terms of public exhibitions!

The Strategy Planning Group has also been meeting regularly to help organize processes, and is making great progress.  Mary Hunter gave us an update on their sub-committee.

The quilt making Challenge is always a bit of fun.   This year the challenge was to make a Binary quilt, it could be any two colors but could not venture away from those two.   Jane Horner helped to hang the quilts in the little mini-quilt show.  Many different colors and ideas were represented.   The winner of the challenge wins a prize with a mini-quilt.   The winner was Linda Cowley, who also won last year, so she won her own little quilt!

We had a delicious lunch with a view of the river, then came back to the hall to chat some more until we were called for the speaker portion of the meeting.   Janice Gunner from the UK came to talk about a specialty of hers - Japanese textiles.   We were treated to many beautiful fabric examples and the history behind the fabrics as well.  Janice has travelled extensively in Japan.  Janice prepared a slide show with photos from Japan and the regions that produce the different types of fabrics.  

Thank you to the Cork branch for the wonderful day, and thank you to our committee members who put in so much time over the year.   The Irish Patchwork Society is a terrific group!

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