Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Kathleen's Mediterranean Spread

Last Friday was our branch summer party!  Thanks to all who brought home made goodies for us to enjoy! 

One item proved to be very popular - Kathleen Cleary Brennan's Mediteranean Cheese Spread and she kindly sent it to me to share you all on the blog.
Thanks you Kathleen!

Mediterranean cheese spread

2 250g cartons cream cheese
2 cloves finely crushed garlic
Pinch salt
1 drained and chopped artichoke hearts
3-4Tbsp chopped black olives
Bunch of green onions,chopped
4oz  chopped sundried tomatoes
Chopped herbs...parsley, chives, oregano,marjoram. I add what is available in the garden!
Cream the cheese in a bowl and add the rest of ingredients into the mix.
This can be turned into a sandwich filler by adding drained tuna, chopped chicken or ham.

Enjoy the summer.

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