Monday, 11 May 2015

Branch AGM

Our May meeting was the AGM, so the 1st part of the meeting was dealing with minutes, treasurer's, secretary and chairperson's reports. Many thanks to the previous committee for doing a sterling job in arranging meetings, speakers and workshops over the past two years.

All of the existing committee were stepping down at this meeting, so a new committee were voted in on the night. Four new members were elected on the night - Claire Lynch, Grania Preston, Ruth Bourke and Louise Mullane.

After the official business, Eileen Costelloe gave a show and tell of her fabulous work. Eileen's work was amazing and had fabulous colours and designs.She doesn't use cotton, instead preferring silk and shiny fabrics, which gave her work a shine and glow.

A number of quilts for the upcoming branch exhibition "Local Landscapes" were collected on the night, with more work promised over the coming weeks. Going by the work submitted so far, it's going to be a brilliant exhibition, members have really put a lot of thought and work into their quilts.

Shop on the night was the Quilt Shop Tuam. 

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