Wednesday, 13 February 2013

January meeting

January was our Quilt Clinic Night. We all know every quilter has some unfinished project in their stashes at at home - it might be a nearly finished quilt or just a few blocks, but there's always some unfinished somewhere in our homes. Sometimes we lose interest in a project we're working on, other times we get stuck on how to finish it, how to change the design around etc.

So for this meeting we got members to bring in their UFO's (unfinished objects) or other projects that they got stuck on and wanted advice on how to continue and finish the projects.

It proved to be a really interesting night as everyone had loads of opinions and advice for people when their quilts were shown. Hopefully it inspired everybody to finish at least 1 UFO this year.

First up was Gillian Sheehan, she brought in this lovely sampler quilt which has been unfinished for many years. The quilt is almost finished - it only needs a bit more quilting on some of the blocks and borders. Gillian got advice about the quilting designs etc, hopefully after getting the advice we'll see the finished quilt shortly at one of our meetings in the coming months.

Gillian Sheehan's Sampler Quilt UFO

Deirdre brought in this quilt top, which had a lovely almost Japanese feel to it. Deirdre had lost interest in the project and was unsure of how to finish it off e.g. leave it as it is or add more borders. The general consensus was that the quilt needed a few borders to bring it up to a usable size e.g maybe more pinwheel blocks,  but that it should definately be finished.

Deirdre brought in this pink and lime green quilt top which was left unfinished as she was unsure of the colour scheme. Everyone loved the colours as it was so different, had a very fresh spring-time feel to it.  Deirdre got lots of opinions from the group on the best quilting designs for this one.
Deirdre's lime green and pink quilt

Deirdre also brought in this unfinished quilt top, everyone thought that it needed more pinwheels and flying geese blocks and to keep going with it. 
Deirdre's triangle quilt

Cecilia brought in her long-term UFO project which has a lot of personal memories for her. Cecilia said with all the techniques that she's learned over the past few years, that she now knows how to finish this quilt.

Cecilia's UFO

Kate O'Donoghue brought in this quilt top made from a jelly roll.  When trimming the quilt, Kate realised that it had developed a wave due to the triangles on the edges, some constructive advice was given on how to rescue this project.
Kate O'Donoghue's Jelly Roll Quilt

Claire Lynch also brought in her UFO which has been unfinished for over 15 years. I think almost every quilter has a unfinished hexagon project somewhere, it's no wonder there has been so many antique unfnished hexagon quilts. Claire only has few more borders to add to this quilt but is now thinking of using it make a bag instead of a quilt.
Claire Lynch's Hexagon Quilt

Theresa Riordan also brought in her UFO tablemats. She has two of them made but the rest of the mats have been unfinished for a few years now.

Theresa Riordan's table runners

 Gillian Killick also showed this quilt that she has been working on.

Quilt top by Gillian Killick

Show and Tell:

Gwen Cottiss brought in her fabulous quilt room display  It was absolutely amazing when you got up close to the display to see the detail in creating miniature dolls and tiny hexagon quilts. This is the kind of display you could look at for hours as there was so much detail in it, and nearly all created by hand.
Display by Gwen Cottiss

Mini quilts and dolls

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