Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Start of a New Quilting Year

The first meeting of the 2012-2013 season is quickly approaching, Friday 14th September at 8pm. 

Our guest speaker is Ester Kiely from the Western Branch.

The challenge for the night is to make some "Do Not Touch" small mini-quilts which we are going to use for the National Exhibition. The National Exhibition will be taking place in Istrabaq Hall, Limerick from the 2nd-12th October.

We will also have a sign-up sheet on the night for members to volunteer to help man the National Exhibition. 

Don't forget to bring your bags for the start of the brown paper bag swap!!

In the paper bag, just put some fabric pieces and a piece of paper with your name. Hand the bag in at the start of the meeting and it will be put in with all the other swap-bags. The bags will then be swapped at the end of the meeting, and you'll receive a bag back.
So when you receive a bag, keep quiet about whose bag you got! It will be much more fun, if nobody knows who's working on who's projects.

Everyone will then have until the December meeting to make something using the contents of the bag. You can add as much or little of your own fabric to the swap bag contents. There's  lots of projects that you can make e.g. pincushions, small purses, mini-cushions etc. or cushions and bags if you want to be really ambitious and make something larger!

 This could prove to be a very interesting project, as people will have to work with other people's fabric choices.

At the December meeting, the original owner of the bag will get a finished item back and find out who was working with their fabrics.

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