Monday, 31 October 2011

October Meeting

At the October meeting we had demo's on various Christmas items:Theresa O'Riordan - Christmas Wreaths
Loretta O'Brien - Bottle covers
Tracy Watson - Braids
Claire Lynch - tags, tassels and Mug Rugs

Hopefully, these demo's inspired people to start getting their Christmas presents ready early and we might see some of them at the November meeting.

Rebecca Palmer recently made this quilt for a teenager in bright contemporary colours. Rebecca said that these weren't really her colours (i.e. not purple!) but everyone loved the quilt as it was so bright and cheery.

Rebecca has had a number of Woofers (people who volunteer help/time to work on organic farms wordwide for a few months) staying with her over the summer. In that time, she has managed to get them all into patchwork, each of her woofers have made a quilt of their own which is fantastic.
This quilt top was made by a young American girl who was staying with Rebecca and is her 1st ever quilt!

 A number of our members have also made Hand Blocks for the upcoming International Quilting Festival of Ireland.

One of the Kerry quilters, Priscilla made this fantastic quilted jacket

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