Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fashion Sans Frontier Event at Festival of Quilts

Last week at the Festival of Quilts, there was a fashion show "Fashion Sans Frontier". Ireland took on Russia and the UK in this event.
4 Irish quilters had to create 3 collections and 1 accessory.
Paula Rafferty from the Mid-West Branch was one of the designers and she also brave enough to move her outfits on the catwalk at the Hilton Hotel.

A slideshow of the fashion show has been set up on the IPS blog: Slideshow

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Barbara McCoy said...

My daughter is 12 months old in Dec.
I would like to get a quilt made incorporating some of her clothes from her 1st year as a keepsake for her
Could you tell me if someone in your organisation could make it or would be interested in making it for me.
Or any suggestions on where I could learn to do it myself would be great - I live in Kildorrery Co Cork.
Many thanks in advance
Barbara McCoy.