Monday, 16 May 2011

Funky Bags and Totes Workshop by Paula Rafferty

Bag Three Requirements & Advance preparation List;

General requirements;
1. Sewing machine in good working order, cleaned, oiled with new needle.
2. Feet for machine to include, quarter inch, darning, zipper and walking.
3. Sewing kit; threads to match fabrics, spare needles (size 90), fabric and
paper scissors, pins, small safety pin, rotary cutter ruler and mat. Marking
pen or tailors chalk.
4. Iron and ironing pad.

1. One and a half yrds patterned interior fabric (heavy cotton or
upholstery fabric)
2. One and a half yrds contrast cotton for backing/ lining
3. One yrd. of cotton batting/ wadding
4. Two and a half yrds of trim or ribbon approx. half inch wide
5. Heavyweight zips; two by 14in, one by 24in, one by 12in. (I have rolls
of zipper tape which can be cut to any size in black white and beige)
6. 2.5yrds of 2.5in wide bias binding (see notes on making bias
binding) approx. one yrd. of fabric.
7. Sewing threads to match fabrics
8. One and a half yrds of black webbing approx. 1.5in wide (will have
with me at workshop)
9. One black webbing shoulder strap with swivel hooks (will have with
me at workshop)

Advance Preparation;
All the main sections of this bag are quilted and to ensure that bag will
be completed during workshop please have following sections quilted
beforehand. Then you can concentrate on making the bag, otherwise
you’ll spend the whole day quilting panels. Alternatively you could buy
pre-quilted fabric.

Quilted panels;
Take main fabric, wadding and lining of pieces below and make quilt
sandwich, spray basting in place and quilt with desired pattern.

Pieces should be cut a little larger all round and then cut to required size.

One 24 by 31.5 inch piece (front and back)
Two 9 by 12 inch pieces (side panels)
One 5 by 24 inch piece (zipper panel)
One 8 by 14 inch piece (large flat side pocket)
One 8 by 10 inch piece (large 3-D panel)
One 6 by 8 inch piece (small 3-D panel)
Two 5 inch squares (shoulder strap tabs) use these two pieces
of fabric to make up one quilted piece, placing one piece on top,
wadding in centre and other piece of fabric on bottom.

Bias binding should also be made up before hand, cut bias 2.5 inches
wide and press in half. Instructions for making bias tape included.

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