Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Christmas Meeting 2010

A very pleasant evening was had at the December ‘Christmas Party’ Meeting on Friday 8th December. Our numbers were low, but the recent bad weather may have been the reason for that!

Everyone very generously supplied an impressive spread, while the hall was decorated with – what else? Patchwork decorations of course!

This month the challenge was to use the fabric square handed out a few months ago to produce something festive. We had a good response to this and the winner was Cecilia with a lovely set of festive hangings.

Loretta gathered in the groups submissions for the ‘Dream Catcher’ exhibition and we had a chance for a sneak preview of some of the finished (and unfinished!!) pieces – good luck to all those who will be finishing off as I write!

The High Plains quilt was on display too – a lucky change of date by the group in Colorado means that the quilt will not be required until the spring – giving us all a chance to see how beautifully it is coming together under Meg’s expert hands.

Theresa provided us with a shop, Chris wore his Santa Hat – all in all – a very festive evening!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting!!!


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