Thursday, 17 June 2010

June 11th 2010 Meeting

The last meeting of the year went out with a bang – or should I say – a party!

As well as all the usual attractions of the shop, library and challenge (more later) there was an amazing feast laid on by members. Lots of people bought friends so there was a very big crowd in attendance.

The challenge was ‘picnic accessories’ and this was won by Rebecca Palmer with her picnic basket although there were very few entires – MORE PLEASE FOR SEPTEMBER!

The Milford Hospice Quilt was on display and many thanks to everyone who has helped in donating the blocks and time in bringing together this gift. The quilt will now be displayed at the Hospice whilst raffle tickets are sold. This will bring valuable funds to the hospice and some lucky person will own this treasure. Linda has done a wonderful job of organising this quilt. Thank you.

Three ladies from Cork Anne Moloney, Ailbhe O’Callaghan and Frances Gamble came along with an enormous array of quilts, ranging from antique, through ‘first quilts’ and into the realms of award winning ones – all were beautiful. There humour and enthusiasm were certainly catching.

The detail on the label and back of this round robin star quilt was amazing.

Apologies that there are not more of these photos I have had some problems uploading them.

The fabric squares for the September challenge were handed out with a simple brief to complete a small square block or cushion cover, embellish as you like.

The demonstration for the night by Meg and ‘Ruth’ was a simple flower rosette and this proved hugely popular, with many people having a go on the night.

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