Friday, 19 March 2010

March Meeting

The March meeting was well attended and started with a show and tell. Paula showed some quilts with the red and black double sided.

Tracey Watson had brought along her daughters birthday bag made form scraps of material left over from quilting and an old pair of jeans.

Rita and Nora showed book covers that had been made during a workshop.

Fran's apron made from ticking was much admired and won the challenge. Ideas for a theme for the challenge would be welcomed.

Beryl Cadman gave and enlightening talk on the Judging and Jurying process. The talk was extremely interesting and gave an insite into how the quilts and judged.

Top tips include;

Ensure you have an excellent photo of the quilt.
Get the quilt hanging straight.
Check machine tension on a scrap before starting quilting each time.
Make sure straight lines are straight and curved lines are curved.
Quilting stitches should be smooth and consistant.
Ensure that there is enough quilting.
Binding should be smooth and full.
Corners should be exact and consistant.

Also read the entry form and enter into the correct category and remember that it is the quilt that is being judged not the quilter.

Beryl was extremely helpful and gave many more tips.

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