Monday, 12 January 2009

January 2009 Meeting

The theme of January's meeting was "BAGS".

Nearly all quilters end up making at least 1 bag, so there were plenty of bags to view at the January meeting!

Gwen brought a number of bags to show and also had a number of hand-outs on how to make some of the bags. The picture below is of Gwen showing someone the inside of one of her bags.

Meg Kenny brought in this beautifully embroidered green bag.

Anita brought in her blue bag for show & tell. This bag was made over 20 years and still looks perfect.

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friedaquilter said...

Hi Claire, for some reason I seem to be unable to leave comment on your own new blog so I will do so here. I love to see that you've caught the ATC bug and the fabric/paper you've made also looks lovely. It's such fun to watch what you're doing!
Love all the bags on this blog too. Just wish I could come to the meetings! I so enjoyed myself while with you all!