Monday, 8 December 2008

Christmas Meeting 6th December

The Christmas meeting was a very jolly affair this year with plenty of food!

For a change it was decided to operate a "Secret Santa" this year. Great fun was had during the meeting as numbers were drawn for your chance to go up and collect a present.

A jumble rumble was held on the night to raise funds for the library. Books and fabric were sold off and it seems to be have a great success.

Theresa Riordan showed her quillows that she makes for local craft fairs. She demonstrated how they are constructed. Sheila Allen was the lucky winner of one of the quillows during the Christmas raffle.

Another member brought in a Mola quilt that she purchased on her travels abroad.

Frances Nugent showed a puff-ball quilt that she made. This quilt was recently raffled off for charity.

Gillian Sheehan showed a tractor quilt she has made for her grandson featuring the clever use of a tractor panel & other related fabrics.

A quick demo on how to make fabric baskets was shown by Claire Lynch.

The Frieda Oxenham ATC workshop took place in November, so most of the workshop attendees brought their finished ATC's for display. Anita Mahon has made loads of ATC's since the workshop incorporating some unique materials e.g. circuit boards from timers.
Gillian Sheehan also brought in her Icelandic themed ATC's & Claire Lynch brought her completed ATC's. Some ATC swapping was done on the night, with the promise of more to come in the New Year.

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