Monday, 10 November 2008

Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards are miniature arts of work made to a specific size - 2.5" x 3.5" (64 x 89mm).

These cards are never sold but are instead swapped.

There are a number of book about ATC's (specifically fabric ones) on the market e.g.:
Artist Trading Cards Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap by Bernie Berlin
1,000 Artist Trading Cards: Innovative and Inspired Mixed Media ATC's by Patricia Bolton.

Frieda Oxenham is giving two 1-day workshops this weekend on making ATC's, which should be extremely interesting.


Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to know more about artist trading cards and their history, or how to make artist trading cards, they may also be interested in a couple of articles that I've written.

If you're particularly interested in fabric artist trading cards then you might like this.

Claire said...

Hi Moodiesfan,
Thanks for sending on the link. :) It looks like a very interesting site.