Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Deadline for Links National Quilt Exhibition

Reminder: Entry forms for the National Quilt Exhibition have to be sent off by Friday 7th March at the latest.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Claire! I just sent an email to you, and will post here too, just in case...
how wonderful to hear from you! I was just in
contact with Mary Sloan of the Irish Patchwork
Society, and she gave me a long list of fabric
stores, as well as some info on your group. She
also gave me Ger Larkin's email address. I would
love to attend the meeting on March 14!

I'll most likely be taking public transportation
to the meeting, unless our whole group comes.
There are six of us coming from Alaska, and we'll
be staying at a house in Broadford, near Ennis.
If I come on my own, I thought I'd find a hostel,
and stay overnight, and spend a some time
exploring Limerick too.

Since I'm coming from the US, I am wondering if I
could bring some fabric to trade with members of
the Patchwork Society? I'd love to bring some
Alaska-themed fabric (I think one yard pieces
would be okay?) or if anyone is looking for
something in particular, I could try to bring
that too. I'd love to get some Irish quilt fabric
in exchange, or, since I'm a crazy quilter, I'm
always looking for lace, buttons, small bits of
fancy fabric, or just about anything that I can
sew onto my small wall quilts, hats, bags, etc.

I would be so thrilled to meet with you, even if
something comes up and I can't attend the
meeting. For one thing, I'm hoping to come home
with an Irish accent! :-) Not sure that's
possible, since I'll only be there just under
three weeks, but I'd like to try!

Thanks so much for contacting me, and I hope we
can get together while I'm in Ireland!
Edie Barbour
Fairbanks, AK